Rams Stomp Rough Riders, 69-0


Lexi Tupou, Reporter

A prediction for a win against the Rough Riders came to fruition when the Rams took the game with a 69-0 score.

Rams started off with confidence and scored their first touchdown moments after the game against the Roosevelt Rough Riders on Aug. 24.

The Rough Riders had some good plays and techniques. However, it wasn’t enough to get them their touchdowns.

Mason Manuma (#6) scored the Rams two touchdowns.

Their techniques and plays were on point, as well as their passes.  “It took us hard work and dedication,” team captain Duke Kakiva said. “We always practice hard before a game.”

The Rams had some effective tackles against the Rough Riders. The Rams’ Offensive linemen were good at protecting the quarterback from being sacked.

Junior Varsity
After playing Roosevelt Rough Riders, the Junior Varsity football team holds a 2-1 record.

At the Rough Riders game, intensities between the two teams, were evident. Yet, the Rams managed to get back on their feet.

“The other team was talking trash,” team captain Vaalotasi Ierome said.

Absolom Henry (#11) scored two touchdowns and Simon Cobbs (#10) scored a touchdown and a 2 point conversion, which ended the game with a score of 21-20.

With the Rough Riders game behind them, the Rams are looking toward their next game against Kalaheo on Sept. 8.

“We’ve been preparing for Kalaheo for two weeks and we know what we’ve got to do,” said team captain Dylan Frank. “We’ve just got to go out and do it.”