Rams Fall Short on Home Turf

Avery Trujillo, Reporter

Junior Varsity
The junior varsity team appeared to be off to a great start at the beginning of the first quarter. However, time came to show that winning just was not in the boys’ fate that night. Sabers eventually took the win, 16-44.

The JV football boys started off with confidence, their passes were on point, as well as their technique. It was evident that they had been preparing for the Homecoming game. By the third quarter, though, the score was already set at 8-37. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the score was 8-44 and hope for a win was lost.

JV team showing what they got          Varsity team in a huddle

Although the Rams were pulling for the home team to win, the game came to an end with a score of 21-56.

The Varsity football team’s starting four included seniors Zach Rabellizas, Cy Salanoa, Dorsey Norris, and Arizona Ala. As the referee flipped a coin for their chance at the kickoff,  Ram and Saber fans waited in anticipation.

The Sabers took the kickoff and gained their first touchdown just moments after. The Rams started off gaining quite a few points. Competition between the Rams and Sabers was seemingly intense. Fans were on the edge of their seats for most of the game.  Krixtofer Hughley (45) made the first touchdown for the home team.

By the second quarter, the Rams were right on the Sabers heels, with 14-21, when a touchdown was made by Dorsey Norris (2). Close in score, it appeared as if the Rams had a chance of winning against the Sabers.

“We prepared hard for our homecoming game by making sure we put Cody [Lui Yuen] in situations where he could make sound decisions without going through complex reads in coverage,’” Coach Michael Jose said. “Like any young quarterback, there is a natural learning curve that he must adjust to. At times, his throws are on the money, and then there are the times when you just scratch your head and say, ‘What just happened?’ Overall, as a team, we were looking to peak at the right time, and Campbell was a tough test with a stingy defense that flies around.”

 Varsity on the line