Music Review: Skrillex Renovates Music for Future

Complete bliss is what I feel when I hear the amazing bass, and startling beats of Skrillex.

Skrillex is a revolutionary music artist who performs the art of Dubstep perfectly. He changed music for the rest of our lives because he made Dubstep go mainstream. My hat goes off to him because he renovated music for the future.

Dubstep usually does not  have any vocals; it just has specific instrumental beats. Unlike those who are used to cool relaxing beats, most teenagers and young adults who listen to Skrillex do so for its intensity. They are listeners who listen to rock and heavy metal.

While most of his songs are very good, some of his best songs are “Kyoto,” “Kill Everybody (Bare Noise Remix )“ and “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” which contain some of the best beats and rhythm. Most of Skrillex’s work has some type of mood to it, whether it’s light and soft or deep and powerful. So no matter what song I listen to by him, I cani usually relate my emotions on the purest of scales.

Skrillex used to be a singer and songwriter before his involvement with Dubstep. He was the lead singer of “From First To Last,” which was a post-hardcore type of band. He was featured as the lead singer in two albums “Dear Diary My Teen Angst Has A Body Count“ and “Heroine.” Soon after that he separated from the band so he could pursue a solo career. It took him a year before the music industry bowed at his feet.

Now, fans in the U.K., Australia, and the U.S. are waiting for his next album to come out.