Top Five Christmas Movies to Watch this Winter Break


“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is one of the top movies to watch this holiday season during the pandemic.

Jordan McGowen, Reporter

As winter break comes closer, the Christmas season is approaching with holiday cheer. The holiday season brings some of our favorite Christmas movies. Since Coronavirus restrictions are still going strong in our state and throughout the rest of the country, we are all still stuck indoors. Though it may seem bad, this gives everyone the opportunity to sit down, have a nice cup of hot chocolate, and watch some fun Christmas movies and TV shows. Spend a couple of extra hours with the family and enjoy each other’s company throughout the holiday season. Here are the top five Christmas movies to watch this winter break: 

To start at number five, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This hilarious comedy will keep you laughing the entire time and as well it shows the true Christmas spirit. In every scene, someone falls through a ceiling, off a roof, or sets fire to something in a disastrous fashion. As it goes on, it seems everything is getting worse and worse until the ending where the true spirit is shown giving the movie a funny, but special ending. This movie can be found on Amazon, iTunes, VUDU, and YouTube. 

At number four, Die Hard. Though this movie is not a traditional holiday movie, many action enthusiasts will say yes to it being one. The whole movie is action-packed full of shooting, explosions, and just plain out great action while taking place all during the holiday season. Even the terrorist in the movie is wearing a Santa suit along with many Christmas trees and other themes are shown throughout the movie gives this movie a place as a great one over winter break. This movie can be found on iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, YouTube.

At number three, there is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. This holiday classic from 1964 tells the tale of a reindeer trying to find acceptance inside the town of Christmas, with the help of an exiled elf who wants to be a dentist and misfit toys, Rudolph is able to save Christmas for the whole world to enjoy. This movie allows us to show true Christmas spirit and to show others unique abilities that may interest them. This movie can be found on iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, YouTube.

At number two, Home Alone. This hilarious and interesting movie brings about an eight-year-old boy named Kevin McCallister who is forgotten by his parents at home and to add more to the story, two robbers break in and try to rob the house. This classic brings laughter for the whole family and just shows how goofy a movie can be. This movie can be found on YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Disney Plus.

At the number one spot, It’s a Wonderful Life is a massive classic for many during the holiday season. This 1946 film shows the true meaning of Christmas and holiday joy. The story is focused upon George Bailey; a local businessman who is shown what life would be like if he didn’t exist by a guardian angel. After realizing what the small town would be like if he hadn’t existed, it had shown him the true importance of him to the town and his family. This movie shows the true heart of love and the Christmas spirit throughout this black and white classic. This movie can be found on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and DVD.

These five movies show great amounts of Christmas spirit, and they also have large amounts of comedy and action throughout. Although all of these movies are old, they bring laughs and are timeless. Most of these movies are perfect for the whole family or for when friends are over as well. With winter break just around the corner, these movies along with many others are perfect for lightening the mood. Though the pandemic is still hitting hard, the Christmas spirit will not disappear this year. These movies allow everyone to come together and have a great time this holiday season.