Movie Review: “21 Jump Street” Produces Laughs

Brandon Lane, Reporter

From the get go, it is easy to fall in love with this movie. Together, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill form a comedic dynamic duo in the film “21 Jump Street”.

The movie itself takes place after the original series from the 80’s starring Johnny Depp. The movie starts off showing the two future partners in high school where they did not get along. Years later they meet up again at the police academy where they become friends to help each other out.

After making their first arrest, the suspect was let go because Jenko (Tatum) could not remember the Miranda Rights; consequently, by law, they had to release him. This causes Jenko and Schmidt to transfer over to an undercover division in 21 Jump Street.

It is at 21 Jump Street where they meet their new boss, Captain Dickson played by Ice Cube. They are then assigned to find the supplier of a new drug being distributed at a high school where they go undercover as students.

It was already expected that Hill would have a hilarious part, but the surprise came from Tatum who usually takes on more serious roles, such as his part in “Dear John.” Tatum played his part well because he was equally if not more comedic than Hill’s role.

The movie was released on March 16. Rotten Tomatoes stated that 85 percent of critics liked the movie and 91 percent of viewers enjoyed it as well.