Movie Review: ‘John Carter’ Could Be Better

Diego Cuadros, Reporter

Released in Spring of 2012, “John Carter” is a movie, based on the book that was written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, that tells the story of a man who serves in the Confederate army and, through a strange amulet of alien design, is teleported to Mars in a time of turmoil. The imperialist city of Zodanga is on the verge of taking over the city of Helium, which is the last remaining city of resistance, and only the mythical hero, “John Carter of Earth,” can save the future of Mars.

I believe this movie could be better. The lack of creativity put into the inhabitants of Mars was disappointing. Most of the people who lived there were human-looking people, and even the ones that didn’t look like humans, such as Tharks, could have been more than just green humans with tusks and four arms.

In all this disappointment, there was one bright candle of happiness that kept me in my seat. One word: Woola. This character was my favorite in the movie. I looked forward to every moment with him in it. Who wouldn’t love a six-legged dog thing that follows you around at sonic speeds?

Although this movie is not terribly amazing, it is a movie for the whole family. To its credit, though, it explained the story to people, like me, who never read the book. This is a movie to see with the family, for people seeking a laugh, or people seeking to feel like a child again.