Movie Review: ‘Reel Steel’ Battles for Viewers

Brandon Lane, Reporter

Imagine eight foot tall, 2000-pound robots doing battle in a ring. Now you don’t have to because Shawn Levy’s “Real Steel” film does it for you.

In the near future, headstrong former boxer, Charlie Kenton finds himself fighting outside the ring controlling, literally, a fighting machine. After a not so exciting reunion with his son, Max, following the death of Max’s mother, Charlie sets out with a new robot, Noise Boy, to make some money. After a crushing defeat, resulting in Noise Boy’s demise, Charlie and Max go through a scrap yard to find parts to build a fighting robot.

Max discovers an entire robot buried under mud and spends the night digging it out. After cleaning the bot, Max discovers the bot’s name is Atom, which was previously a sparring robot used to better the real fighters.

Max gets in over his head when he takes on his first fight with Atom, but comes out on top. Through the success of his junkyard bot, Max is given a chance to compete in the World Robot Boxing league, the professional robot boxing league.

I’m not convinced it will become a classic, but it is definitely worth seeing once or twice. Hugh Jackman, along with his fellow cast members, play their roles well. The robots themselves are completely detailed and could make someone believe that the sport could exist someday. The emotions displayed in the movie were a little cliche, but nowadays what movie isn’t? Altogether though, it is a fun movie to watch which I’d imagine is the goal for any movie these days.