Resident Evil 3 Exceeds Expectations

Resident Evil 3 is 4 out of 5 Rams. Worth your time? Answer: Yes!

Resident Evil 3 is 4 out of 5 Rams. Worth your time? Answer: Yes!

Logan Henley, Reporter

Although other Resident Evil games such as Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 have done well since being reworked and made for today’s generation of gaming systems from their old form from the late ’90s, many gamers speculated that Resident Evil 3 wouldn’t be as successful as the others. But they were in for a surprise.

Resident Evil 3 takes place in Racoon City, where zombies roam the streets. A company named Umbrella Corporation tries to stop it but makes it much worse. Players take on the role of two characters throughout the story named Jill and Carlos, as they try to escape Racoon City before it is torn to pieces. While doing so, a creation of the Umbrella Corp., named Nemesis slows players down and tries to stop them from leaving by killing them. Throughout the game, Nemesis causes tension for the player as he chases them down and gets in the way of their mission. Throughout the game, the enemies get harder to take down. The zombies become more powerful, Nemesis evolves, and new creatures are introduced, making the game fun to play as they progress through each mission.

When the gaming community heard the game was going to be remastered for today’s generation of gaming platforms, they were pumped. Since Resident Evil 2 had done so well when it was remastered, so would Resident Evil 3 right? When the game came out, many gamers had mixed opinions. Many thought the game was too short, and others said it was too repetitive. After playing the game, I can confirm some of those complaints are true. The game is short from my perspective, but it is not as repetitive as people made it seem. The game is quick to introduce new characters and new types of creatures to fight and refreshes itself after each section you complete. Depending on how well or how you play the game, it can be short, or it can belong. The tasks the game has you do can be challenging, causing the game to last longer, but they can also be bland and easy causing the game to go by quickly. The average runtime of completing this game is about five hours, which isn’t long for a video game. Once you understand the mechanics of the game it goes by much faster than you think it does.

Overall, the game holds a good story and makes it hard to stop playing once you start. It’s interesting and fun to progress through the game and is satisfying once you have completed it. Resident Evil 3 also includes an online multiplayer game mode called Resistance, where you can play as a survivor or killer. When you play as the survivor, you play with three other survivors that you have to escape with, while the killer can release different types of zombies such as zombie dogs and regular zombies. The killer can also play as the zombies they release and attack the survivors. There are four different killers to choose from, and they all have different abilities and zombies they can release. The online multiplayer is good at what it does and gives you something to do after finishing the game.

To sum it up, Resident Evil 3 lives up to its hype. It provides a great story to play through full of new experiences. The characters also hold a great part in the story and make it better. The online multiplayer introduced with the game is just as fun and gives you something to look forward to after beating the game.