Restaurant Review: Hickam Burger King Reigns as Best Choice

Brandon Lane, Reporter

Oahu has 16 Burger King restaurant locations. It’s difficult to think that one could be better than another, but after taking into account the customer service, the restaurant conditions, and the quality of the food it produces, the Hickam Burger King is the overall best choice with the worst Burger King on the island located in Ewa Beach.

The Hickam Burger King is the whole package. It is very spacious, clean, and never crowded. They usually work very quickly, which is expected. The food distributed there is consistently good, unlike some of the other Burger Kings where you’re not sure if your order will get messed up.

The Ewa Beach Burger King is by far the worst. On more occasions than others they messed up simple orders and took forever to get the meal ready, as opposed to their fellow Burger King restaurants on Oahu.

The distinction is not very big, considering it’s the same burger joint, in a way. Really, when you go to another Burger King, how they serve you can be completely different; that’s when you experience the true meaning of service.