Great Young Adult Read Connects With Audience

Kyeshia White, Reporter

Every teenager craves love and affection but what will they do when they feel they are not getting either? In Anne Schraff’s  “Someone to Love Me’’ (a part of the Bluford High Series), 15-year-old Cindy Gibson receives no love nor attention from her mother who is too preoccupied with her boyfriend.

Cindy’s mother spends a big portion of her time working when she isn’t catering to her boyfriend. With nobody looking after Cindy, she temporarily stops attending school but is eventually encouraged to return to school by her good friend Jamee.

Upon her return she gets involved with Bobby, who is sweet and caring but a typical bad boy. He fights, earns poor grades, and doesn’t seem to care about others’ opinions. Bobby has a reputation of doing drugs and has previously abused an ex-girlfriend.

Cindy is so caught up in having a boyfriend that she doesn’t recognize that she is being mistreated, for she craves any form of affection. Bobby’s actions, like grabbing her in a rough manner,  begin to scare Cindy, but she won’t confide in her friends. What does a 15-year-old girl do? Does she accept being mistreated with a little affection or leave the entire relationship behind?

This is a great for teens because they can connect with the characters and the dialogue is similar to the way modern teenagers socialize, so it’s simple to comprehend what is going on in the protagonist’s life. This book can be found online at or a book store like Barnes and Noble. Schraff did a tremendous job of writing about a topic that can possibly open some eyes while teach a lesson about relationships. Overall, book is well written, has a great lesson to be learned, and connects well with the reader.