Book Review: Fight Club

Fight Club cover art
Every once in a while, you come across a book that completely blows you away. This book is one of them.

Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, Fight Club, is about a man who meets a violently self-destructive anarchist named Tyler Durden. Tyler helps the unnamed narrator take control of his empty, consumerism-based life by forming ‘Fight Club.’ However, the book’s main plot points are not about fighting, but escaping mindless consumerism through violence. Throughout the novel Tyler’s acts escalate to anarchy, while the narrator desperately tries to control Tyler’s violent ways.

Far from being a book promoting violence and anarchy, Palanhiuk strikes a perfect balance by decrying both mindless conformity and senseless, violent rebellion. The novel has a complex tapestry of themes worked into the well-written plot, culminating in one of the best twist endings in recent memory.

If you’re looking for a book that will not only entertain you but make you think, Fight Club cannot be recommended highly enough.