Unusual Art: Strange Sculptures


Photo Credit: artisticodyssey.com Artist Håkon Anton Fagerås

Ella Dobbels, Reporter

While this may look like any standard pillow, it’s not. This pillow is part of a contemporary art series called down and is made entirely out of marble. Artist and sculptor Håkon Anton Fagerås uses all the traditional carving chisels and hammers to create his sculptures yet they seem so malleable and life-like that they could easily cause a couple of hospital visits if misplaced.

The contrast between the hard and unforgiving material Fagerås uses to sculpt his pillows and the comforting, soft symbolism of actual pillows is really quite poetic. The realism of the pillows is also incredible given that each crease and fold had to be painstakingly chipped out of a block of solid stone. Contemporary artists like Fagerås really push the constraints that are placed on traditional art forms and evolve the idea of art in general. It is also fairly amusing and fun to see something so different from typical sculptures and works displayed along side them and it opens the world of art to a whole new group of people. Even those who would rather sit through an opera than be dragged to an art gallery can take interest in art. Fagerås is on both Facebook and Twitter and for people who find his work interesting, they can follow his ongoing collection of marble pillows.