No Man’s Sky


Pono Abellira, Reporter

You’re stranded on an alien planet. Your ship is too damaged to fly, and your life support is failing fast. You don’t know what to do, or how to do anything, for that matter.

This is the intro to “No Man’s Sky,” a game recently released by developer Hello Games with almost no budget and a very small team. Announced in 2013, this game promised to be one of the largest and most breathtaking games yet.

The game starts off with you, as stated before, stranded on an alien planet, with no tutorial to get you acquainted. The same minute you start the game, you encounter a strange being called the “Atlas,” which wants you to accept its guidance. You can accept it, or go on your own. After that, your job is to keep your life support stable while gathering resources to repair and refuel your ship. Once you get some materials, you can build a “scanner,” which lets you scan the wildlife, and even lets you name them. However, if you disrupt the ecosystem enough, drones called “Sentinels” will come after you.

“For the first few hours, it felt like a generic survival game,” an anonymous source on, a news and review site, stated. “It was breathtaking, but sort of boring. But then I got into space. The rush of excitement I got was amazing.”

Once you get into space, the game becomes more about exploration than survival. There are multiple space stations for you to buy new ships, trade, and learn alien languages.

“That’s so cool! I mean, this game will get boring eventually, but until then, I’m going to enjoy this,” famous Youtuber, Markiplier stated during his gameplay.

In space, you can encounter the fleets of different factions. If you raise your affinity high enough with one faction, they might ask you to attack an enemy fleet for them, with assistance from their own ships, of course.

Eventually, you get a warp drive and the necessary materials to operate it. With this warp drive, you can travel to different solar systems within the universe. Once you get there, you can land on the different planets there as well, document the wildlife, fight sentinels, and trade with alien colonies scattered about the planets. Around this time, you get your first taste of space combat. A couple of pirate ships warp in and start shooting at you. This usually goes horribly wrong, as the pirates have the exact same weapons and ships as you.

Unfortunately, this game has its downsides.

“Most of the planets have nothing on them, the Field Of View sucks, and the space stations are all the same. Well, they’re different on the outside, but on the inside, they’re just hangars with a trading station,” British Youtuber and Twitch streamer, EnterElysium stated during one of his streams.

Since the game runs on massive multiplayer servers (where there is almost no chance for two people to meet), the connection to the game itself is horrible. Even if two players do meet, then pausing the game will stop time on that planet or station that player is on, leading to some janky gameplay. Not only that, but since the game is so huge, unless you’re a console player, you’re going to need one monster of a PC to even play this game.

All in all, “No Man’s Sky” is a great game and an excellent concept, but it’s unoptimized, buggy, and sort of boring. The developers are constantly updating and optimizing the game, so there is hope if you have bought the game and are disappointed in what you purchased.