‘Bare Necessity’ to Watch The Jungle Book


“The Jungle Book” is a remake of the animated adventure film that was originally released in 1967. It features many well-known celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Idris Elba, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, and Ben Kingsley. The film was praised by Rotten Tomatoes, receiving a rating of 94 percent.

Adaliah Collins, Editor

Rudyard Kipling’s famous children’s book, “The Jungle Book,” was brought to life again this spring in Disney’s remake of the story. The original film was animated and released in the 1960s. Using modern technology, such as Computer Generated Imagery, director Jon Favreau was able to bring childhood nostalgia to movie theaters all over the world.


    “The Jungle Book” features man-cub Mowgli, who spent his childhood in the jungle after he was found by Bagheera, a black panther. He is raised by a pack of wolves that are constantly badgered by Bengal tiger Shere Khan. Khan demands the pack delivers Mowgli to him, but Mowgli makes the courageous decision to leave and  join the “man village” to be with his own kind where his skills and inventions may be of use.

    During his journey, Bagheera is attacked, leaving Mowgli alone to find his way, and he learns about the red flower, a power that man uses as a source of heat, light, and destruction. He befriends Baloo the bear who encourages him to use his inventions and stop Khan.


   Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the 1967 version of the film, so I don’t know if this remake upholds the quality of the original. I can say, however, that after watching it, I have a date to see the animated version on Netflix. Don’t let the PG rating fool you. This movie is for everyone, children and adults alike. I found that the characters are relatable, and mimic people we all encounter, or heard about, such as King Louie, an orangutan mobster.

     “The Jungle Book” is one of the few lucky  films that keep the same child-like feeling as the original, yet intertwine modern references rather than make it too updated. For those who are children at heart, “The Jungle Book” is a must-see.