“Until Dawn”: A Tailored Game You Must Play


“Until Dawn” is am interactive drama survival horror video game that is exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and released August 2015. The game was praised with great reviews, receiving a 7.5 / 10 from “IGN” and 9 / 10 from “Game Informer.” RATING: M

Adaliah Collins, Editor

On Aug. 25, Supermassive Games and Sony Entertainment released “Until Dawn,” a single-player interactive horror video game exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The game features many familiar faces from the film industry, such as Hayden Panettiere, Peter Stormare, Rami Malek, Meghan Martin, and many more. Unlike many video games, “Until Dawn” is tailored to how you are playing, meaning the choices a player makes will affect the gameplay.

The story begins on Feb. 2 on Mount Washington at a private lodge set in Alberta, Canada. Joshua Washington and twin sisters Hannah and Beth invite friends, Mike, Chris, Matt, Sam, Emily, Jessica, and Ashley, to spend time with them at the lodge. One night, Hannah and Beth run outside during a blizzard, and never returned. On the anniversary of the Washington twins’ disappearance, the remaining eight teenagers return to the lodge to comfort Josh and move past the tragic event that befell his sisters. Once again, chaos takes over Mount Washington with a mysterious man, a serial killer, and an urban legend that resurfaces. Their only chance for survival is to stay alive and wait for help to rescue them at dawn.

The game entertains the theory of “The Butterfly Effect,” meaning a decision someone makes has drastic effects that could change things in the near future or long after it has happened. Throughout the game, the player must make choices that can either save or take away a life. When a decision is made, the player also changes the character’s personality and feelings toward their friends. Game developers make it possible for players to save all characters and uncover the mystery of Mount Washington, or kill all characters. It isn’t uncommon for players to have different survivors than their game peers.

“Until Dawn” is definitely a game that anyone would enjoy. What makes it great is that it isn’t just a game for someone who plays video games regularly, someone who doesn’t play video games may find it entertaining and fun as well.

Jordan Scotten (11), who plays video games regularly, said, “I can play it one million times and never get bored with it.”

My only frustration is how much the butterfly effect actually changes the outcome of the story. It doesn’t change the storyline, but it changes the character’s personality and affects who survives. The new horror game is surely a game that all should play.

This new member of the horror video game genre has drawn a lot of attention to itself. Many well-known YouTube accounts such as Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Pewdiepie have played the game for millions to see their decisions, which drew more attention to it. “Until Dawn” was in the top 10 best selling games of August 2015. It has even been nominated for “Best Narrative” for The Game Awards as well as “PlayStation Game of the Year” for the Golden Joystick Awards. Supermassive Game’s executive producer Pete Samuels said that the money that the game has brought in is much more than the company anticipated. The company has yet to decide if the game will have a sequel, but Sony Entertainment has announced a spin-off, “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.”