Movie Review: Kingsman

Alexa Conrad, Reporter

To be honest, I didn’t anticipate seeing this movie. I thought it would be an average spy movie, directing the audience to be wowed by cliche plotlines and characters, and drawing their attention with pretty faces and cool gadgets. However, I was pleased to see that I was wrong.

The story starts off with us meeting Harry Hart, a secret service agent. In the beginning of the story we see Hart interrogating a terrorist. Sadly, one of Hart’s men dies in attempts to protect the team from a threat. We learn later that this man was the father of our main character, Eggsy. Guilty about the death of his father, Eggsy is left with a special message. The story then skips about 10 years, and we learn about the poor, unprivileged life Eggsy now has due to the absence of his father. Eager to escape his old life and create a better one for himself and his mother, Eggsy joins the Kingsmen Secret Service program in attempt to become one of the spies.

I experienced plenty of comedy and action watching Eggsy train to become a spy, and learning about strengths and team building concepts he never considered before. We get to watch him become a stronger, better equipped man.

Another thing that I loved about this movie was how it avoided the cliche plotlines that many movies contain. The villain, Valentine, isn’t your typical bad guy, he’s billionaire madman that wants to recreate the world. He’s funny, smart, and has a plan B for everything. Normally I would be screaming at the villain in a movie about all of the flaws of his plan. Not in this movie, however.

If you’re like me, and you’re a bit tired of romantic scenes with quickly strewn together couples there’s no need to worry about that in this movie. There are hardly any romance scenes, so you can focus on the action and interesting characters.