Lack of Meat Leads to Healthier Lifestyle

Sam Nguyen, Reporter

Choosing the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is a logical way to stay healthy while leveling the supply and demand for animals. While I am not a vegetarian/vegan, going veg would result in a healthier body.

While both lifestyles include no meat, the vegan diet could take more effort. Vegans do consume eggs or dairy; in addition, they eliminate all animal products from their lifestyle, including refusing to wear products made from animals such as wool, silk and down, according to While there are several variants of a vegetarian diet, vegetarians generally will continue to include eggs or dairy in their meals.

Yes, humans were not created to eat just vegetables. But it has come to that point in human anatomy where our bodies have evolved to becoming whatever we want our bodies to be. A vegetarian diet is just as nutritious as a meat-laden diet. On top of that, veggie diets provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fats that our bodies need. The United States Department of Agriculture includes meat as part of a balanced diet, but it also said that a vegetarian diet can meet “the recommended dietary allowances for nutrients.”

Vegetarian and vegan diets are not only healthy but they can prevent diseases and sickness. Vegetarian meals are known particularly for preventing, treating or reversing heart disease and reducing the risk of cancer, coronary artery disease and cardiovascular disease which is proven to be the leading cause of deaths in America.

Joel Fuhrman, MD, author of “Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” said that 1 million Americans are killed from this disease, but the mortality rate for cardiovascular disease is lower in vegetarians than in nonvegetarians.

A prime reason people change their diet from meat to non-meat is watching and hearing accounts of animals that are raised for food being slaughtered inhumanely. Humane Methods of Slaughter Act instruct that animals, except for birds and chickens, should be stunned unconscious so that it minimizes suffering. To exacerbate the problem, many American slaughterhouses do not follow the rules mandated by the HMSA.

By making a decision to be a vegetarian or vegan, we are creating a cause to be healthier. Earth is overpopulated with people, and soon enough, animals that we’re feeding on will soon be in scarce supply.