Music Review: All the Lights in the Sky

Music Review: All the Lights in the Sky

Rylan Andersson, Reporter

Area 11 is a relatively new band formed in late 2010 in Nottingham. They are the first Gaijin-Rock band and have recently released their debut album “All the Lights in the Sky.” They previously released an extended play “Blackline” but all tracks contained in it have been re-recorded for their new album.

The Band is signed to the Yogscast Studios record label, and their debut album which was released on January 31 contains eleven tracks. Their music is very unique and it’s sometimes based on Japanese anime and games. It takes on the western traditions of rock and pop music, but is heavily influenced by east-Asian culture.

Their new genre of music appeals to the average rock music lover as well as people who are into Asian culture or anime.  Someone who does not like the latter two of those would still like these songs, so they’re not specific to a certain audience.

From the perspective of someone who fits all the roles described previously, their music is truly amazing.  It’s fun to listen to and it’s nice to just think about the deeper meanings their songs hold.

One of my favorite songs from this album is “Shi No Barado”.  It is different from all the other songs in that it features Beckii Cruel as one of the singers.  The song is about the life of a certain character from a popular TV show.  I don’t want to give it away, as it is quite fun to try to figure it out for yourself.