Difficulties of Being a New Kid

Rylee Flores, Reporter

Many difficulties arise from being the new kid in a new school in a new state. I am a recent transplant from Utah and have been in Hawaii for a month and one week as a Ram. As I navigate myself through the school,  I battle with making new friends and finding somewhere to go during lunch.

Coming from a new state is a very difficult transition. First,  you worry about your grades and credits transferring over from your last school. Another thing you have to worry about is making new friends.

Being new to campus makes it challenging to get noticed. For one, there are a lot of new students that come in very often, so a lot of people do not notice you, which makes it harder to make new friends. Getting used to how everything works here just adds to the difficulty of transferring in from places that have different ways of running their school systems. One difference is the lack of lockers to put your stuff in, so you have to carry everything with you throughout the day.

One of the biggest challenges of being a new student is probably learning the material in your new classes. In your previous school, you could have been learning something entirely different from what everyone else is currently being taught, so your grades could drop severely, especially when you transfer in at the middle of the semester.

Another big challenge is getting lost on campus. For one, the school is very big, and there are two different floors. Getting lost could bring you to the wrong classroom and make you look like a fool, and which could be very embarrassing.

There are many easy ways to overcome these difficulties. First of all, you can’t be afraid to ask questions about the new material.