Movie Review: ‘Mama’ – More Bad Graphics Than Horror

Movie Review: Mama - More Bad Graphics Than Horror

Blake Weldon, Reporter

Mama, a supernatural thriller, follows the life of two sisters, Victoria and Lily, who were lost in the woods for five years after their father murdered their mother and tried to kill the oldest sister Sarah before being killed by the monster “mama”. They were found by their Uncle Lucas, played by Nikolia Coster-Waldau, and his girlfriend, Annabel (Jessica Chastian). When they bring the girls home they begin to realize they are not the only ones that came back with them.

Mama is a decent movie if you’re lonely on a Friday night and have nothing better to do. The graphics were terrible and the story-line was very hard to follow. Moviegoers watch horror movies to send chills down their back and actually be frightened.

This movie didn’t make me jump out of my seat or even get a little adrenaline running through me once. It’s a waste of money if you choose to see this movie. You would be much better off watching grass grow.