Movie Review: Tarantino Tackles Tough Topic

Movie Review: Tarantino Tackles Tough Topic

Kiki Gilkey, Reporter

Slavery is and will always be a very touchy subject. It’s something that we don’t exactly like to discuss. It’s almost as if we prefer to ignore it and act like what was pretty much an American holocaust never happened. Between 1.2 and 2.4 million slaves were killed on the trip to America alone.

Quentin Tarantino took it upon himself to tackle the difficult topic in a way no other director can.

Slavery was a very sad and horrific time in history. Families were torn apart, brothers were turned against each other, children and babies were beaten to death, and women were brutally raped. Tarantino knows all of this and wants to share it with the public.

While Django Unchained was arguably less bloody and gruesome than most of Tarantino’s other films, it was still shockingly violent to the general public. The audience gasped, cringed, screamed, and cried, as the story of a slave turned bounty hunter went on an amazing journey with a German “dentist” to find his wife, who he was separated from years before.

Tarantino gave African Americans somewhat of a hero, all while showing everybody else the brutality of slavery. This movie is a must see and may as well be the best movie of 2012. I suggest you go check it out for yourself.