Romney – the Only Chance for Economic Growth

Romney - the Only Chance for Economic Growth

Attiana Collins, Editor-In-Chief

America’s future hangs in the balance of this election. If the wrong candidate gets elected America could go tumbling right back to where it was four years ago: on the verge of a great depression – more depressing than the first.

President Barack Obama has done great things during his term. The auto industry bailout saved millions of Americans jobs. His $228 billion in tax cuts and $224 billion in extra unemployment benefits have saved America from going into another depression, but America needs more than just barely making it. It needs a president who can put his foot down, cut the deficit, help stabilize the middle class and turn America back into the great country it use to be. Governor Mitt Romney can do that.

Romney’s five point plan to fix the nation is just what America needs to turn its fate around. Part one of his plan is to make the country energy independent by 2020. By becoming independent and tapping into America’s natural resources, millions of jobs in the energy industry and manufacturing would be created. The billions of dollars America sends to other countries for oil would be kept instead, thus boosting the economy.

The second part of his plan is to trade, which offers more opportunities for American businesses and workers. Romney plans on opening new markets for American goods and services. Education, takes place in the third point of his plan. Romney plans on offering better access to higher education, public schools, and better retraining programs that help unemployed workers with job opportunities.

To tackle the problem the deficit creates, Romney plans on reducing the size of the government and getting the size of the debt under control to keep America a place where businesses can hire more people.

The fifth and final part of Romney’s plan is to fix small businesses. Small businesses won’t succeed if tax rate rise and if regulations are too difficult for business owners to eal with.

By electing Mitt Romney as the new president, and by not borrowing money from other countries, investing in education, and tackling the deficit the nation will again be the place where businesses can thrive, college graduates can get jobs and where students have more opportunities to get a higher education. The only way to achieve any of those things is by electing Mitt Romney as America’s next president.