Historical Haunted Plantation: Not Very Scary


Come and be scared out of your mind at Hawaii’s Haunted Plantation

Kiki Gilkey, Reporter

During the month of October, Hawaii’s Historic Sugar Plantation turns into what is most people’s’ worst nightmare. According locals and tourist alike,It has been the scariest and best haunt in Hawaii for the past seven years.

I decided to go check out the Haunted Plantation for myself to see if it really is as terrifying and scream-worthy as everyone has been raving about.

For starters, parking was limited. You couldn’t park on the actual plantation and they didn’t really have a designated parking area unless you purchased VIP tickets. Once you finally find a place to park and walk to the plantation grounds, there will be a man with  with a light to direct you to the end of the line.

We waited in line for about twenty minutes before the actors came out and started scaring people while they were waiting to purchase tickets or go into the actual haunt. The actors will get extremely close to your face, close enough to where you will feel and smell their breath. Gross. One of them got in my face and screamed while I was in line waiting for my tickets. I was more startled at the fact that he was in such close proximity to my face.

When we got to the front to purchase our tickets, I was grateful that they hadn’t sold out yet because they usually sell out very quickly. I recommend that you arrive early to avoid this situation. I also suggest that you buy a fastpass for $20 which is only $5 more than the regular $15 ticket to avoid waiting in line for five hours.

We waited for about forty five  minutes before we got to the front of line to go into the actual Haunted Plantation. They will make you go in with another group if your group isn’t too large.  I’m guessing this is to speed up the lines. They explain the rules before you go in. You will walk through a tunnel before you get a gate where there will be someone waiting to let you in. Once you are in, you begin to walk to path where you will be stopped once again to have the rules repeated to you. You don’t get a guide, you’ll just walk through the houses and guide yourself. We walked through a total of about six houses.

After about the second house, it all started getting repetitive. The same costumes and makeup in every.single.house. Once again, they will get extremely close to your face and they say they don’t get to touch you but prepared to be brushed up against, leaned on, and rubbed. One of the actors got kind of upset because I was giggling and asked me, “What’s so funny?! You think this is a game?” I couldn’t help but reply with “If I turn my head in the slightest, we’ll be lip locking”.

The make up on the actors was phenomenal. I spent more time being amazed by the details spent creating each character rather than being afraid of them.

All in all, the Haunted Plantation wasn’t very scary. Or haunted. Maybe the ghosts were in shy supply that night. Nonetheless, I would still recommend the Haunted Plantation to a friend because it’s very entertaining and it’s something to do with friends during the month of October.