Varsity cheerleaders win NCA High School Nationals


Photo courtesy of Bo Frank

Bryson Antonio, Reporter

The National Championship Association (NCA) high school competition was held on January 21-22, 2023, in Dallas, Texas. The Radford High school varsity cheerleaders, led by Head Cheerleading Coach Dr. Bo Frank won the Coed Advanced Varsity tournament for the first time since 2015. They won awards in co-ed excellence and superior showmanship.

Frank described the most difficult part of completing the national cheerleading championship as getting to Texas.

He said, “The trip to Dallas, Texas, isn’t free, so the hours of fundraising, in addition to the practices and games that we cheer for, are pretty extensive. The hours put in by the team in preparation is nothing short of astounding.”

Although it was challenging, winning the competition was worth the effort.

“Winning a national title is an experience that rushes the senses and overcomes emotion. Becoming a national champion culminates years of training, hours of practice, literal blood, sweat, and tears and requires tremendous sacrifice. The discipline, respect, and responsibility necessary to adapt, evolve and overcome to reach the pinnacle and win a national title is an out-of-body experience that is not easily achieved. Please be proud of our cheerleaders, as their accomplishment is one that very few people can claim,” Frank said.