Freshman Class Promotes Stop If You Love Me Campaign


Freshman leadership student Issac Gurerro (9) had the opprotunity to speak to KHON10 New about Radford’s efforts in the Stop If You Love Me Campaign

Issac Gurerro , Contributing Writer

     Stop If You Love Me is a traffic safety campaign that over 60 schools around the island participated in to encourage responsible driving on the road. Different schools around the island did a variety of activities. The Radford Freshman leadership Class of 2023 planned a whole week of activities for the school.

     On Tuesday the activities started off with a Noon Hour, by playing a game called “Texting and Driving.” This activity was used to teach students about how distracted your phone can be on the road, while also teaching students about traffic safety and rules. Wednesday was all about the decorations around campus, by decorating the doors around the campus the Freshman class was able to push out traffic safety in a fun and different way. Doors were decorated all along 50s, 40s and even the bathrooms around campus. Thursday was all about knowledge of the road. The Freshman class created a new game called “Guess the Sign, Stay in the Lines.” For this game, participants had to guess as many signs as they could in 30 seconds. If they could pass that then they had to park a toy car in between cones without touching anything around it. Finally, on Friday, all leadership classes came out and signs were waved in front of the office and in front of the student parking lot.

     To raise awareness of the campaign, KHON 10 News offered one student from Radford the opportunity to come to their studio and talk about what activities they had planned throughout the week. They also explained the importance of this campaign and why drivers should all always be safe on the road and have integrity while driving.