Radford Celebrates Homecoming Assembly


Madelynn Honeycutt, Reporter

The Homecoming assembly competition is a very important tradition that Radford upholds every year. This year the event was held on September 11, and we had a moment of silence for remembrance of those who died tragically.

 This event is a competition between each grade level to see who has the most school spirit. It was on. STUCO and the leaderships have different themes each year and this year our school’s theme was Arcade Games. 

Each grade level does a sub theme that relates to that. Freshmen’s theme was Fruit Ninja, sophomore’s theme Pac-Man vs Tron, juniors theme was Sugar Rush, and senior’s theme was Super Smash Bros. Homecoming is always a light hearted but very competitive competition. “The homecoming assembly was so fun this year. I honestly think the performances and decorations they made were so cool,” said Bria Bethea (12)

The overall winner of Homecoming was the seniors, the juniors came in second, the sophomore came in third, and the freshmen came in last place. Everyone worked really hard and they celebrated with each other. “It was very well planned out and entertaining. My friends and I had a really good time during that whole week,” said Gideon Ross (11). 

 All leadership classes start their homecoming preparations during the summer. The Homecoming assemblies are very important at Radford. The school goes all out and they always do the most extravagant things for the Homecoming assemblies. .
“Homecoming was really fun and there were a lot of awesome activities planned for us,” said Jayden Bissainthe (10). 

The Homecoming assembly is always one of the most important things leadership does for our school. “Homecoming was really fun and there were a lot of awesome activities planned for us,” said Jayden Bissainthe (10). The leadership classes plan noon hour activities for all grades to participate in. 

The leadership classes put a lot of time and effort into Homecoming each year. They work very hard everyday and put together some amazing performances.