Seniors Announce Post High School Plans


Katherine Seed, Editor

On the morning of April 26, Radford College and Career Resource Center hosted its first Decision Day where excited seniors honor what they plan to do  after their graduation, whether that may be college, the military, or otherwise. The ceremony took place in front of elementary students in the Radford Complex before the children started their track meet.

The CCRC organized this event and was inspired by the national organization “Better Make Room” that promotes ‘college signing day’ events nationwide.

“I wanted to highlight all things that Radford students commit to, not just college,” college counselor Malia Kau said. “We had 52 seniors sign up. The seniors who attended announced their commitment in front of the complex area track meet participants. I wanted to get the elementary school students excited about their futures.”

Kau received positive responses from those who attended and considers this event a success.

“I liked the idea of [Decision Day], like how we could all gather together and celebrate all our hard work and celebrate the next four years,” Jayanne Serrano said. “I thought the idea was cute, showing younger kids the college we all decided to commit to and allowing them to look forward to their futures.”

Samantha Simmons agreed, and said, “I think that it was cool to show the kids that there are many different ways you can go after high school.”

Emelie Ogata-Tambua used this event to reflect on her high school years and what contributed to her decision today.

“Not only was I able to share where I will be living my next chapter in life but I also got the chance to hear where all my classmates will be committing their lives to,” she said. “I also liked those cute mini flags with our school logo and name on the back it made things a little more realistic for me that we’re actually graduating and will no longer be just a ram, but an alumni from Radford.”