Lady Rams Compete In CTSO Conference and Competition


Katherine Seed, Editor

Students in Health Occupations Students of America entered into a competitive spirit at the Career and Technical Student Organization Conference and Competition on Feb. 26. The group of lady Rams who participated were able to take home achievements in Community Emergency Response Team skills, Human Growth and Development, and Prepared Speaking.

Four students placed in their competition.  Shanna Francisco and Alexis Asbury took second place in CERT, and Rashelle Bumanglag and Samantha Nagtalon took third place in CERT.

They began their challenge with a written test and CERT skill demonstrations. According to HOSA website, the purpose of CERT skills is for HOSA members to develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills they will need to respond to their community’s immediate needs in the aftermath of a disaster, when emergency services are not immediately available.

Jayanne Serrano placed in top 20 percent in Human Growth and Development and Dolores Cachola-Tapia placed in the top 25 percent for Prepared Speaking.

“My main goal was for all teams to place overall,” Francisco said. “[Nagtalon and Bumanglag] have worked very hard since last year and even though they weren’t able to place last year, they did this year and I’m very happy about that.”

Asbury was a bit nervous to do the demonstration, and confessed that she even made a small mistake.

“I might have messed up once, but in the end, I think we did great,” she said. “I owe it to my partner Shanna.”

Francisco added, “I think as partners, we are there to lead each other, so if she does think that she made a mistake, then I was merely there as her partner to rely on and push through whatever mistake or obstacle happened.”

Bumanglag was satisfied with her improvement from last year’s competition.

“I honestly feel surprised because the written test was not easy,” she said. “However, when they called up our names I was filled with happiness. We placed fourth place last year and knowing that we placed third this year was a great accomplishment for both of us.”

Nagtalon added, “Last year, I wasn’t very confident in my skills and my insecurity gave me fourth place. This year, I became more confident in my skills and it shows with my third place title!”

Despite Bumanglag’s prior experience in the competition, she made sure she was ready. Attendees studied extensively, reading books and training with Career Technical Teacher and HOSA advisor Jennifer Sugahara.

“Since I already knew most of the study materials and skills for CERT, the studying process was easy for the both of us,” she said. “There were times where one or both of us didn’t know how to perform a skill in CERT. However, we both took the time to go over each step until we knew the skill by heart.”

Cachloa-Tapia worked with English teacher Charles Chong in preparation of the event.

“I didn’t get to place this year,” Cachola-Tapia said. “I think the current [difficulty] right now is dealing with a loss. It mentally hurt my pride. However, I want to take this opportunity to work harder in the future because maybe this is meant to be and I feel just the need to work harder now if I ever have the opportunity to compete again.”

Although Serrano didn’t place she knows that “if I could go again next year I definitely would go again. It’s a one of a kind experience.” Serrano joined HOSA this year because she plans on joining the medical field and feels HOSA allows her to interact with other future health professionals and make friends who share the same interests as her.

While the competition provided an outlet for students to show off their skills and knowledge, the girls enjoyed the social part of the event.

Serrano enjoyed “meeting and building stronger friendships” and Cachola-Tapia said, “I was more happy making friends and getting to know more people from other schools.”