PTSA Installs Filtered Water Filling Stations


Alyssa Lacap and Katherine Seed, Reporters

The Parent Teacher Student Association is a dedicated group of parents, teachers, and students with the goal of making Radford the best it can be. That being said, this committed organization asked administration what was needed at this school, so they decided to purchase three new water filling stations that were installed over the summer in the upstairs 80s wing, in the gym, and in the girls’ locker room.

PTSA President Marissa Delaforce said, “The PTSA asked the administration what the school needed, so they suggested we purchase more water filling stations for the school. Since the stations require plumbing PTSA and administration decided to install the water filler stations at existing water source locations.”

Countless students are seen filling their water bottles throughout the day.

“The fountains were installed to provide a clean, safe place for students to fill their water bottles,” said Kellee Heather, Secretary of the PTSA. “With the heat and humidity in Hawaii, it’s important for our students to have access to clean drinking water. It is also important to the PTSA to encourage our students, staff, teachers to bring and utilize reusable water containers.”

Heather encourages others to join the PTSA to improve the education and environment of the school.

She said, “Anyone who is interested in contributing to the improvement of facilities, programs, and education at Radford can be a member of PTSA.  It is generally parents of current students, teachers, and staff of the school, but membership is not limited to these groups.  We highly encourage Radford alumni and community members to join the PTSA. Membership in the Radford PTSA also gives one membership in the Hawaii State PTSA and the National PTA.  The state and national organizations offer many educational resources through their websites and the State PTSA sponsor an annual convention for members.”