Adventurous Strine Loves to Work with Kids

Alyssa Lacap, Reporter

Social studies teacher Patrick Strine is a new teacher at Radford High School with four years under his belt. He teaches Participation in Democracy and  American Problems.

He graduated from Millersville University where he played for the Hilltoppers football team. He earned his teaching certification from Pennsylvania State University, and is currently working on his master’s degree from Western Kentucky University.

Strine pursued a career in teaching because he loves working with kids.

“I chose to teach high school because I feel these young adults are just scratching the surface of coming into their own,” he said. “They’re forming their own personalities, opinions, and aspiring to reach life goals.”

Strine hails from York, Pennsylvania but moved to and worked in public relations in Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Hawaii because of his fiance’s job.

“We chose to come to Hawaii,” he said. “They gave her a few options on where to be transferred and we really wanted to move to Hawaii.”

His travels didn’t stop there.

“I love to travel,” he said, and already has plans to travel abroad. “Will be visiting Thailand next year and hope to visit New Zealand the following. Bucket list is Spain.”

His love for travel was almost curtailed when he experienced two separate plane scares.

“One was an emergency landing after some engine failure and the other was the plane’s wheels broke off after landing and skidding across the runway,” Strine said. “After that you can understand my fear of flying but slowly getting better. I have a strong belief that I don’t want my fears to interfere with life’s journey.”

His other interests include participating in outdoor activities, playing sports, and watching Game of Thrones.

Social studies teacher Patrick Strine reviews directions of a class assignment with a student in his American Problems class. Strine teaches Participation in Democracy and American Problems. “I love working with kids,” he said.