Mangieri Takes Over Classes

Lara Mangieri is the newest addition to the Ram staff joining the school in the second quarter. Mangeiri took over Vashelle Nino’s sophomore and senior English classes.

“I think Radford is a great school. I was very excited to get a job here,” said Mangieri. “The school has a good reputation that it lives up to. Not only have the students been very nice and polite, the staff has also been very welcoming and helped me with whatever I need.”

Mangieri grew up in Texas but in the last ten years she lived in  Germany and Kansas before arriving in Hawaii.

“Before teaching, I worked at a hostess at a restaurant, as a paralegal for a law firm and as an office manager,” Mangieri said. “I did not like any of these jobs as much as teaching.”

An avid reader, Mangieri said, “I like to read a wide range of books. I love biographies and true stories about amazing people but I also love fiction.  I really like stories about people from places I have never been and history.”

Her favorite authors include Comac McCarthy, Ursula Helgi, Donna Tart, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, and Stephen King “to name a few off the top of my head.”