H1 Shuts Down for Year

Algeo Rosario, Reporter

H-1 Freeway is notorious for heavy traffic from west Kapolei all the way to the town-side of Honolulu. Established in 1986, it handles around 200,000 cars everyday. The structure of the H-1 has worn down over the past years so the Department of Transportation started a year long rehabilitation project to improve traffic and fix the freeway’s surface.

Construction began on Sept. 22 where they restriped the highway to add four lanes. In addition, they are modifying the signs and speed limits, crash barriers, drainage systems, upgrade bridge railings, and changing the way street lights look. They are also resurfacing the asphalt because of the deterioration.

For 120 work days, the H-1 Freeway will close at 8 p.m. thru 4 a.m. from Sunday nights to Friday mornings. Complete closures occur in one direction at a time.

Traffic from the H-1 and the Moanalua Freeway will be diverted so people on the H-1 will exit either at Dillingham Road or Nimitz Highway. A suggested alternate route for those on the Moanalua Freeway is to exit Puuloa Road, then pick up Dillingham of Nimitz.