Services Available to Homeless

Nicholas Wiggan, Reporter

Homelessness is a growing concern in Hawaii that affects both adults and children. According to the US Census Data, the cost of living alone is the highest in the country and 11 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

Counselor Lisa Johnstone said that the definition of homeless is different at Radford. “We consider students who can’t live at home also to be homeless.”

To address the homelessness issue, services are available to students. So far, five students qualify for meals, bus passes, Advanced Placement exams, SAT waivers, computer use and school supplies, all free of cost.

Under the Mckinney Vento  Act, said Vice Principal Albert Hetrick, the students identities are completely confidential, with the exception of administrators and everyone, including teachers do not know about their housing situation.

According to Vice Principal Hetrick, the final decision to determine the state of a homeless student is not up to the school but up to the Homeless Concerns Office.