Red Brigade Takes Center Stage During Homecoming Halftime

Justine Nix, Reporter

Radford’s Red Brigade plans to take to the field during halftime at the homecoming game for the first time in two years.  During the eight-minute performance, members will clearly show off to its audience why the 50-plus students practice so much.

To prepare for the half time show students practiced as early as the summer, added a week of band camp, and another day of practice in a normal week, when they practiced three hours every Tuesday and Thursday.

“I hope we get excellent this year. The band is working hard and we should be able to reach it,” Tiffany Basconcill, a senior, said. “We are changing up the way people see us. We don’t want to be that okay band any more, we want to be that band.”

Another change this year is having Corey Allen as a marching instructor, when in past years he only worked with the drumline.

“I want the students to take more pride in what they do and to perform at a higher level,”  said David Hirano, the band director.