Mu Alpha Theta Does More than Compete

Mu Alpha Theta, the school’s mathematics honor society, does more than compete. Members fundraise, participate in community service, and bond with each other.

“We have a Panda Night coming up soon,” Breanna Bransfield, a sophomore, said about fundraising.  What made the event stand out more was the team’s entertaining twist to the event. “Last year at our Panda Night, we had a formal dress so you dressed like you were going to prom at Panda Express.”

Math meets are held once a month at different high schools around the island. Club advisor Grant Takiguchi said that he expects the team to place, overall, in the top five. He admits, though, that a challenge for this year is that the team lost their top scorer from last year.

Nonetheless, Takiguchi said that he’s excited. “I always get excited at the beginning of the year.”