Football Season Kicks Off

Alex Fajardo, Reporter

For many Rams, August is just the beginning of school. For student athletes, hopes of record breaking seasons, championships, and athletic scholarships loom precariously over their heads.

They’re off to a 3-1 start averaging 41 points and 395 yards per game. On the defensive side they’ve held their opponents to under 20 points per game and have only allowed a buck ninety-three per game through the air so far.

“Our practices are usually going through plays, making sure we know who to cover, what routes to run, and who to block,” said sophomore Roman Gennero, a cornerback, about the usual run-through of practice. “We’ve started pretty slow but we hope to pick it up and crush these next couple of teams.”

Both Gennero and sophomore Micah Guerra, a running back and linebacker agreed on high hopes for the postseason.

In the game against Kaiser, Guerra said. “Yeah, the Kaiser game was a pretty tough loss, but we were shook up. They were playing pretty rough. But we’ve gotta move past that and keep playing.”