Belding Builds French Club

Sam Nguyen, Reporter

Radford High School’s French Club has been active for three years under Monica Belding, as the school’s French teacher. She said that she enjoys teaching students about the French language and culture.

French Club President Gabriel Gonzales (senior), and Vice Presidents Rachel Nance (junior) and Sylvia Brummitt (senior) expect to lead over 35 students who joined the club.

In previous years, the French Club participated in activities where students worked at football games to sell and fundraise for their annual French trip during the spring. Club members experimented with different French foods and even have cultural food days.

“The students would all bring different French foods and it was fun,” Madame Belding said.

Madame Belding, this year, wants to integrate more art and music into the club. She said she has plans to take club members/students to French movies and restaurants “to experience the whole thing.”

In the spring, Madame Belding will chaperone a group to Paris, Barcelona and Rome. The trip will last two weeks, and the students are expected to pay around $3,600 to join.

French Club’s goal is to get students who are eager to learn about the French culture and to promote their experience with it through its language, culture, and art.

“We want further learning enrichment,” Madame Belding said.