LeBeau Dives Out of Seaworld, into Radford

Alexus Nichols, Reporter

Candice LeBeau was raised in California and recently lived in Louisiana before moving back to her birthplace, Hawaii. Among the three residences, she said that Hawaii is her favorite because her family is here.

LeBeau knew she wanted to teach after graduating from college. She’s been a teacher for five years gaining experience in middle school. This is her first year teaching high school science carrying a mixed line of Biology, Physical Science, and Human Physiology courses.

After comparing her experiences with students from middle and high schools, she showed no hesitation to say that high school students are “more mature.”

Even though this is the only high school Candice has taught at, it still manages to win her over. “Teachers are nice,” Candice said, before adding,”Kids are too.” She said that Radford High School is her favorite school so far.

Prior to teaching, she also worked at Seaworld in San Diego and a zoo and aquarium in New Orleans. She worked with the famous Shamu, a female Killer Whale that lasted 13 months in captivity. Candice helped Shamu show off her talent at the shows in Seaworld. When she worked at the aquarium she would dive in the tanks to help keep them clean. At the zoo, she worked with birds, alligators and her favorite, “definitely monkeys.”