Electives Allow Record of Ram History

It’s that time of year again to decide on your courses for next year. Check out Project ARIES Curriculum Fair on Jan. 14 and see what electives are available for you.

This course is designed to provide the necessary skills to create basic web pages. The class will focus on web page planning, basic design, layout and construction, set up and maintenance of a website, HTML, Dreamweaver, and Flash. This course is taught in a Macintosh environment, but all skills are transferable to the PC. Students will develop personal and project-based websites during the school year where the final products are intended to be published on the internet.

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Be a part of history and join Radford’s Newswriting team. Publishing the news is a complicated, creative, and time-consuming process. However, this job is one of the most rewarding that you will do during your high school years. You will be involved in making a historical record of the school year. Your work will remain a part of students’ lives forever. For many, the school newspaper will be the only written and pictorial record they have of this time.

Join Newswriting as a reporter for the production of the school (online) newspaper, The RamPage. This is a production driven course where meeting deadlines is a must. You are required to put in time outside of class hours to research and conduct interviews for your articles. PREREQUISITE for Newswriting 2 and 3: Newswriting 1/2 and consent of instructor.

Newswriting (2008-2009 Staff)

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