Culinary Teacher Wins Outstanding Educator Award


Attiana Collins, Editor-In-Chief

Each year, a faculty member is chosen to receive the Outstanding Educator award. This year’s outstanding educator is culinary teacher, Jamie Kahalewai.

Ms. Kahalewai has been teaching for 15 years and before she became a teacher she went to Culinary school at Kapiolani Community College. She worked at restaurants like Farrell’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor, Yum Yum Tree, and Big City Diner.

She became a teacher because she wanted to make a difference in students’ lives.

“If I could have chosen the ‘Outstanding Educator’, I would choose a teacher who is teaching because they want to educate their students in every way and are not only teaching their subject area, but teaching the values in life. I would choose a teacher who knows that there is a line between teachers and students. Teachers are not here to be friends with the students. Teachers can be friendly with the because it’s about establishing a relationship with your students but it’s not about being their friend and letting them get away with things. I would choose a teacher who has a passion for their subject area and for educating the future.”