Club Leaves Mark at Radford

Leonardo Castro, Reporter

Legacy Club was founded with the intention of working with the Parent Teachers Students Association in mind.

Legacy Club President, Brooke Delaforce, said, “PTSA consists of a group of parents, teachers, and students that help make the school blossom into a better school.”  

The club’s motive is to leave behind resources that help the school before students graduate and move out in the world; hence the name Legacy.

“This club is like no other,” Delaforce said. “In this club, we not only benefit for us, but we benefit for our school and for our community.”

With more help and money, the school will be able to do more. Delaforce created this club for the greater good. For example, one of the many ambitious goals the club has in mind for the school is to provide A/C to more of the classrooms.

“I started this club to not only improve Radford but to make school enjoyable. I remember always hearing from my peers that Radford wasn’t fun and doesn’t have enough activities. I created this club to make a difference in the school in a positive way,” Delaforce said.

Club members and Daniella Griffay, the club advisor, meet every second Friday of each month in classroom 172.