Cana Kerns

Katherine Seed, Editor

Unlike the majority of her class, Cana Kerns is getting college experience while still in high school. The senior is currently taking three classes at Radford and has begun earning college credits at Windward Community College. She is taking English 100, Math 140, and Sociology 100.

“I chose to go to college early in order to make the most out of my time,” Kerns said. “It makes more sense to spend my senior year preparing for the future rather than filling it with electives or TA periods.”

Despite Kern’s focus on preparing for her future, she is still unsure about what that future holds.

“I am still not 100 percent certain what I want I want to do career-wise,” she said. “I love animals and that lead to an interest in veterinary sciences but I feel as I delve into I might not truly enjoy it. As of now, my plan is to go to Southern Utah University, but who knows? There’s still a part of me being called to study in Madrid.”

When considering which career path to take, Kern turned to her hobbies and found a backup plan there.

“I spend a large portion of my free time volunteering at church,” she said. “I also enjoy writing music and doing photo shoots as the photographer. My backup plan is photojournalism. I’ve always wanted to make a change in the world. And I have a deep passion for photography so win-win.”

Kern values her education and takes an interest in what she studies. Although Sociology 100 is a mandatory course, she finds herself enjoying it. However, her favorite subject is math.

“I have always had an interest in society and how its values are formed,” she said. “Math is definitely my favorite subject. Math is fun. Don’t hate me for that, haha.”

It has not always been smooth sailing for Kerns as she struggles with a brain disorder.

“One of the hardest obstacles for me has been my mental health. I am bipolar,” she said. “Sometimes I have zero motivation and put everything off till the last minute but at the same time school kinda keeps my brain occupied and then my emotions aren’t all over the place if that makes sense. Although it’s cliche, as long as you have grit and perseverance, you can accomplish almost anything.”

Her advice for graduates anxious about college is not to worry too much.

“I know most teachers say ‘everything changes in college’ and that may be true, but college is very similar to high school,” Kerns said. “From my experience and verification from other college students, most professors have attendance policies and believe in cellphone free environments. Come equipped with a good work ethic and you’ll be just fine.”