Budding Artists Encouraged to Produce, Create Works of Art


Titled “Trust,” this is a hand drawn illustration using a 0.7 mechanical pencil. Pictured is a snake enveloping a deer. “It represents a strong trust between two beings.” Illustration by Illana Borgensen

Ashley King, Reporter

Art is what the creator makes it. As every idea is a product of creativity, everything you see, hear, or touch can be considered a work of art. Art has no rules, anything one creates, whether you perceive it as good or bad, could easily be considered art. It’s not just restricted to things such as drawing, painting or sculpting; it branches out into music, spoken words, writing, dance, woodwork, culinary.

The list goes on because truthfully, if people take time to practice something they’re passionate about, producing something that garners any type of emotional reaction from an audience beyond themselves, it’s art.

Anyone has the potential to be an artist, in any sense. This is important to know, because there are far too many people with an interest in the arts, that hold themselves back from practicing their particular interest or passion to the fullest, because they feel that what they produce isn’t good enough to be considered. Everyone practices art in different ways, and though outside parties have the right to criticize creations, that alone shouldn’t be a reason to hold oneself back from expressing and creating freely.

This being said, it does one good to identify something they’re passionate about, or wish to experience, and just learn more about it, if not trying it for themselves. When people with potentially great artistic minds are held back or hold themselves back from sharing their talents, the world is only deprived of brilliance, uniqueness, and innovative ideas.


Hanahaki disease is a mythological condition where a person experiencing unrequited love vomits flowers. “I liked this concept, how poetically messy it sounded and I felt the line art expresses it best.”