Rams Find Love on Campus

It is a common sight at Radford to see the halls rampant with couples showing their affection, indiscreetly and discretely, with each other.

While sharing a class with someone allowed some couples to find each other, social media was another way for partners to connected.   

Jade and Brandon
Jade Souza (12) has been with Brandon Macadang (class of 2015) since Feb. 13, 2015. They met in their Web Design class when they worked on a class project together.

“He helped me with an idea for a promotional poster,” Souza said.

Over the course of their two-year relationship, Souza said that she appreciates the qualities in her boyfriend.

“He’s like my best friend,” she said. “I like how he’s very understanding, and he’s also very silly and down to earth.”

Since Macadang is a college student, making time to see each other is a challenge for this couple.

“We see each other during the weekends and after school, but only for an hour or two, because we both work,” Souza said.

AJ and Lauren

AJ Benito (11) and Lauren Galdeano’s (12) relationship started two months ago when they met through social media. Benito used Instagram to contact her.

“I hit her up in the DM [direct messages],” he said.

Benito recognizes Galdeano’s inner and outer beauty.   

“I love her personality and her features,” Benito said. “She is so beautiful.”

The couple consider themselves very open with one another, and they find happiness in the simple things, such as spending time together at each other’s homes.

Trevor and Alex
Another new couple is seniors Trevor Land and Alexandrya Sowa who shared an extraordinary bond as friends for a year and a half, before they made their relationship official this past Winter Break.

 “[Alex] makes me feel like nothing could ever go wrong,” Land said. “We haven’t been in a real argument before.”

Chastity and Taylor
Chastity Tabula-Tengan (10) and Taylor McCaleb (11) met through Instagram, and have been inseparable ever since.

Tabula-Tengan made her move on McCaleb when she initiated conversation with McCaleb, and then the relationship grew from there.

They’ve been dating for nine months since April 29, and celebrate their monthly anniversaries with Tabula-Tengan presenting McCaleb with red roses.

McCaleb said that she loves how comfortable she is with Tabula-Tengan, and they both agreed that they “love absolutely everything about each other.”    

Among the relationships at Radford, there are always the few couples who find their forever partner.