Must See (Summer) Movies


James Ewald, Reporter

Moviegoers can look forward to cooling off in local theaters this summer to watch “Captain America: Civil War” and “Independence Day Resurgence.”

    Captain America is rated PG-13 and in theaters now, while  PG-13 “Independence Day” will be in theaters on June 24.

    “I’ve been waiting for Civil War for awhile and I want to see it this summer because I’m a real fan of Marvel, ” Miguel Guzman

(10) said.

    “Captain America: Civil War” is about Captain America’s attempt to save Buck, his childhood friend who was brainwashed to do Hydra’s bidding. But, he snapped out of it and is now on the run. Tony Stark, however, wants him dead and tada, this creates a Civil War.

    Patrick Steele (11)  said, “I’m excited to watch ‘Independence Day’ because I really enjoyed the first one and can’t wait to see what’s next.”

    “Independence Day” takes place two decades after the first alien attack. Earth’s inhabitants have been preparing for the next attack by combining alien technology with their own and building new weapons and vehicles. The aliens also been preparing for the epic battle that awaits.