Post Prom Plans

Alexa Conrad, Editor

PROM IS OVER. Now what?

Prom can make for an exciting night, but it comes with a time limit. Many students who leave the event in their fancy attire and high spirits find that they are disappointed the party is over, so why would you want to end the day with it? There are many other things you can do post-prom with your friends to keep the night alive:

1. Have a party after prom. Make your own post-prom celebration! Invite a couple of friends, and maybe include some who weren’t at prom. Get out the games and food and continue on with the party.

2. Go to a restaurant. While prom offers food included with your bid ticket, you can still go out for dessert. There are no limits to where you can go, whether it’s to your favorite burger place, or to a fancy gourmet restaurant for dessert.

3. Go to the movies. Why take off those hours of hair time and makeup, when you can go to the movies looking like a Hollywood star? Take your friends out to your favorite film, grab some snacks, and hang out in the theatre. This would also make a great after-prom date with your special someone.

4. Host a sleepover. A slumber party is a great way to continue the fun. Talk about prom with your friends, watch movies, and gather all the junk food from your pantries.

5. Go to the beach. While this activity might require you to remove your prom attire, this is merely an option. If you plan to stay in your dress/tux, host a photoshoot, or lay out a picnic with your friends to share. The options are endless.