Former Marine Fights Substance Abuse at School

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Steve Prince assists students with their substance abuse problems though the school’s Teen CARE program.

He said that he has “always had a passion for helping people,” which is why he was “drawn to the substance abuse counseling community.”

Prince spent approximately two decades with the Marines, acting as a recruiter, supervisor, trainer, and administrator. During this career, he was deployed overseas five times to Australia, Europe, Iraq, Japan, and the Mediterranean Basin.

“I was fortunate enough to be assigned the billet of Substance Abuse Control Officer and Equal Opportunity Advisor during my final tour preceding retirement,” Prince said.

Eventually, Prince wants to earn a master’s degree in counseling with a specialization in substance abuse.

“I have found I have a natural talent for counseling, and have enjoyed what it feels like to see a positive change in someone, and actually had something to do with that change-or bringing hope to someone who feels hopeless, and enjoy that realization when it happens,” he said.

Prince has been married for 11 years and met his wife in Hawaii during his time with the Marines. He has a six-year-old son who began first grade this year. In his free time, he enjoys “mountain biking, riding my Harley, surfing with my son, hiking with my family, and playing guitar.”

“I very much look forward to practicing professional substance abuse counseling as a representative of Hina Mauka Ohana, Teen CARE,” Prince said. “[I am] truly grateful for this amazing opportunity to work with such a phenomenal staff here at Radford High School.”