Finley Values Rams’ Diversity

Algeo Rosario, Editor

English inclusion and resource teacher Jennifer Finley gets in her daily exercise when she travels to and from four separate classrooms on campus.

Finley said that she enjoys teaching in the short time she’s been at the school.

“I came to Radford because of the culture of the school. I like the diverse environment,” she said. “It seems like a place everyone can feel welcome. Radford also has a good reputation due to its supportive staff and great kids.”

Since she’s been at the school, Finley who hails from Michigan and moved to Washington before arriving in Hawaii, said that she’s “looking forward to learning more about the many diverse cultures of the students and teachers I spend class time with as well as sharing my own cultural experiences.”

Outside of work, she likes to spend time with her family and be active by hiking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. She said that her family has even tried surfing.

“My teaching philosophy, put simply, is that with grit and determination, everyone is capable of improving,” Finley said. “Everyone can learn.”