Nino Trades Teaching for Blogging

Sam Nguyen and Alexis Nichols, Reporters

Vashelle Nino spent a semester working as a sophomore and senior English teacher when she made the decision to leave the teaching profession. However, she didn’t stray far from her classroom because she currently works as a librarian’s assistant at the school library.

Although Nino said that she enjoyed dusting off her books to help expand high school students’ vocabulary and teach them the importance of writers such as Shakespeare, her true passion is writing her own memorable pieces.

“It definitely was not a waste of education,” said Nino.

Nino writes reviews and advertises for companies like Dove and Kleenex. She also writes for local magazine “Hawaii Parents” which focuses on the life of everyday parents who live in Hawaii. While she considers herself luckier than most people and wishes to be recognized as a good writer, she admits spreading Dove’s motto and blogging about everyday life are not part of her final goal.

Nino has thought of writing her very own novel. “I would like to, but I’m not sure if I have the imagination for writing things like that. I’m more of a technical writer.”

Her dream is not exactly clear but Nino knows that it involves more freelance writing and, hopefully, enough income to make a living off of it.

Not only has Nino graduated with an English degree but she also completed cosmetology school, focusing on hair.  Although she may not consider herself an expert at anything, Nino is a self-professed “jack of trades.”