CCRC Helps with College, Scholarships


Attiana Collins, Editor-In-Chief

Class of 2012, you’ve made it this far, but the work isn’t over yet.
Career and College Resource Center (CCRC) coordinator Mrs. Luz Guerrero and college counselor Malia Kau are encouraging seniors to start the college applications process now.
“Seniors should be visiting the CCRC regularly and asking Mrs. Kau and myself any questions that they have,” Mrs. Guerrero said. “Students should also sign up for the SAT and ACT. Both are in October. They should look at colleges they’re interested in and check to see if they meet those colleges’ admission requirements and start filling out applications.”
Mrs. Guerrero also recommends searching for scholarships regularly. Many scholarship websites are out there, such as,, and Zinch.
Communication with parents is a key. Although it’s the student’s responsibility, parents can be a major help.
A number of seniors regularly visit the CCRC seeking help from Mrs. Kau and Mrs. Guerrero. Among them is senior Danny Nguyen. Nguyen plans to apply to the University of Hawaii, University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles and University of Arizona. He said the people in the CCRC are “always willing to help and are very nice.”
“When I go to the CCRC, it’s usually to look up scholarships, either on the internet or through the big binder of scholarships located on the bookshelves. Mrs. Kau and Mrs. Guerrero are always there to help. When Mrs. Kau isn’t busy, she’ll sit down with me and helps me find scholarships or see what type of requirements I need for a certain college.”
The CCRC is available to students to help them find colleges that fit their criteria in addition to finding ways to pay for college.
“If you’re serious about college, then you should definitely check out the CCRC,” Nguyen said. “Attend college visits, search for scholarships, and feel free to ask the coordinators’ questions. That’s what they’re there for.”